Chatty Elie! Summer 1988. Page 2 will show you some of her 8th grade and Freshman years!
First summer romance, Joey Sutton! Summer of 8th Grade, 1989. On the left is Joey, Elie, Molly, and BJ.
8th Grade graduation from Kammerer Middle School
1989. Liz is the one on the far right and next to her is her best friend Molly Field.
Elie was an excellent swimmer! Here she is with  her coach, Tommy Liest on the left, and fellow swimmer Ben Gatti on the right. She swam for Plantation Swim Team for two summers. Her best and favorite stroke was the Butterfly! 1989
Jenny, (Elie's sister), on the left, and Elie on the far right with a friend after a swim meet. Jenny also was on the swim team for one summer.
Molly and Elie in front of their cabin at Camp Piomingo during the summer before their Freshman Year.
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First Homecoming Dance
Fall of Freshman Year
Ballard High School
Tim Shuler and Elie ready for her first homecoming dance
Elie, (freshman year) and her brother Joe, who was a senior at Ballard.
Jenny (eigth grade) and Elie.
Elie at the end of her Freshman year,  thinking about Field Hockey, boys, and Sophmore year. Please join me on the next page for the last two years of her very active life!
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