Here will be yet another chapter in the short life of Elizabeth, or Elie as she was soon to be nicknamed by her sixth grade school friends! 

In 1985 We made our final move as a family from Dudley Massachusetts to Louisville, Kentucky when Terry took another job as Dean Of Students at Bellarmine University. This was a great move, because it put us closer to both of our families. Liz started 5th grade at St. Agnes School, as did Jenny and Joe start there in grades 4 and 8.  

With seven years to span, I have a lot of work to do over several pages! Hope you enjoy the journey!
My favorite picture of Liz in 5th grade! I think it really reflects her sunny, beautiful disposition!
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Our home in Louisville
Growing up so fast! Liz ready for another day of school in 5th grade.
Getting ready to go to gymnastics. Liz loved this sport and loved to compete!
Liz (age 11), Joe(age 14), and Jenny(age 10), with Grandma Amy Hohman

Liz started 6th grade at Kammerer Middle School in Louisville in 1986. This is where she really began to soar in sports! She continued with gymnastics, soccer, and cross country running.

In case you are wondering, this is also where she got her nickname, "Elie". It seems that there were too many "Elizabeth's" or "Liz's". so she and her friend Anne Moyer decided that the name "Elie" would be appropriate!
Joe at age 14 and a freshman at Ballard High School.  1986
Liz at age 11 in 6th grade at Kammerer Middle School  1986
Jenny at age 10 in 5th grade at Norton Eementary School  1986
Left - Liz ready to play soccer with the Lazers! She was the only girl on the team that fall! 1986

Right - Celebrating with her team who came in #1!
Liz, Joe and Jenny
Fall 1986
The girls decided they had to have perms!
The start of another year in 7th grade, and a brand new set of braces! Liz had one of the most famous of "braces smiles" for the next four years!  1987
Liz was #1 Cross Country runner in Jefferson County Middle Schools! She was only 4' 11, but she certainly had the speed and determination!
Liz in 8th grade 1988
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