How did I come to sit before keyboard and monitor and try to tell the story of my daughter Elizabeth?  West Virginia, Huntington to be exact is my birthplace.  Families mean a lot there, and mine was no different.  That is no doubt the motivation: to remember a part of family. 

School meant a lot, too.  My schools (there were four) were all Catholic, except for college. St Joseph's in Huntington, then boarding school:  Sacred Heart Academy in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Mount de Chantal Visitation Academy in Wheeling, West Virginia.  I "survived" Catholic school to graduate in June, 1966.  Then on the The American University in Washington, D.C.

Back to Huntington to attend Business School and then to my first real job: A secretary with American Association of University Professors in Washington, D.C. After a couple of years, I was hired as a Flight Attendant with Piedmont Airlines and after training, was based in Washington, D.C.  

I met the man who was to be Elizabeth's father at the apartment where we both lived in Arlington, VA.  We married in 1970.  Our son Joe was born in 1972, Elizabeth followed in 1975 and Jenny in 1976.  The family was complete. 

We moved to Canton, Missouri, a tiny college town on the west bank of the Mississippi River.  After a few years, we moved to another small college town: Dudley, Massachusetts.  From there, it was on to Louisville, Kentucky. 

After Elizabeth died, the marriage, under strain for several years, ended. I met my new husband while he was visiting friends in Louisville.  He was from far off California!  We married in December, 1995 and are "at home" in Elk Grove, California a brand new city not far from Sacramento. 

Life without Elizabeth isn't easy.  She will always be my heart and soul, and that is some consulation.

But, that's enough personal information.  This place is for Elizabeth and her life.

Read on, dear visitor.

Happily ever after!