This spirit of God came to earth,
a special child from her birth.

Many lives, she did touch,
how we loved her, oh so much.

A zest for life was her way,
she always made bright our day.

With her warm lighthearted smile,
our troubles disappeared, for a while.

Uplifted, she helped our spirits be,
her love for life, she let us see.

Oh, too brief her time with us,
leave us, even she knew, she must.

Back to God's loving arms she went,
with our prayers, she was sent.

The healing of our hearts, would be slow,
how we wished she hadn't had to go.

But to each, she gave a special gift
to a higher level our spirits lift.

In our minds we'll always see
that loving spirit, so full of glee.

Yes, Dear Elizabeth, exist you will,
all through time, and still.

Forget you, we will not.
What's born in heart is not forgot!

Love Always,

Toni Elizabeth Wilson

This beautiful poem was written by Elizabeth's God Mother especially for her, and may not be reprinted without her permission.
Loss Of A Friend

Nothing Hurts more than the loss of a friend.
No stitches or fractures can ever begin to describe the hurt
we now feel within.

We thought that our friendships forever would last,
But it's clear to us now that it's all in past.

Our memories of you from beginning to end
Will live on in our hearts,
Forever and ever, and ...

This painful feeling seems to have no end.
For nothing hurts more than the loss of a friend.

We hope you'll rest peaceful in Heaven,

Written by: Chad Wilfling
in the memory of Elie Hohman
Died February 16, 1992

Music being played is

"My Heart Will Go On"
Andre Rieu

But for a moment in time the heavens grew dark
Then appeared a new twinkling star
A star that was brilliant as life had once been
But that brilliance of life was now replaced
Replaced with peace and serenity as only  God`s heaven can convey
There to twinkle throughout eternity,  reminding us always of your daughter so dear
A tear of remembrance, but only for the moment
For only in a moment of time shall we meet again
Known only to us and him alone as Elie`s twinkling star.

Love,  Dick

Written by Elizabeth's cousin, Dick Sibley